Camila was admitted to the hospital due to exhaustion, Ally couldn’t make m&g due to sickness and Lauren is also hoarse and sick, those little girls with big butts work hard for us, so everyone please vote for them for the VMA’s it’s so so so important

Text “2” to “22444” and spread the word any way that you can. Can not even begin to tell you how big this is for their career taking off

A fan told the girls they’re the reason she met her girlfriend and they got really excited about it (specially lauren)

Lauren and Camila being cute during “Better Together”

@FifthHarmony: WE LOVE YOU MILA!!!


Nicki “fuck the skinny bitches”
Nicki “where my big fat ass bitches in the club”

Camila is both



camila during red - headlining tour: glenside [x]


fifth harmony editing challenge// the band

↳ favorite sismance/romance - Laurinah